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Westland is the thriving capital and home to the world’s most sustainable Greenport. We are committed to advancing local sustainable food production across the globe.

Located in the Netherlands, Westland boasts the world’s largest concentration of greenhouses, creating a stunning sea of glass visible from above. This thriving greenhouse industry generates over 6-8 billion euros annually. The combined value of the entire cluster approximately doubles that amount. Within a less than 100 square kilometers region, Westland hosts all the key players in the entire chain of greenhouse horticulture, from seeds to growing, packaging, transport, and trade. These efforts are supported by the government, renowned companies, knowledge, technology, and research institutes. With almost 50% of the workforce in the region employed in the greenhouse horticulture sector, Westland is an ideal place for talent, startups, and research, with opportunities to make a lasting impact on a global scale.

Key Player in Innovative Horticulture Solutions

Westland is a key player in the global horticulture industry, as 80% of all high-tech greenhouses worldwide come from the Netherlands, and particularly from this region. In Westland, these systems are not only designed, tested, and developed, but also sold to customers worldwide. Through our extensive knowledge and ecosystem, we build and distribute greenhouses, areas, and complete clusters worldwide, playing a crucial role in securing the world’s food access with high-quality and sustainable products and services. As a result, Westland is a major player and pioneer in the global horticulture industry.

We are looking forward to collaborate with new partners and governments worldwide to share our knowledge and ideas on creating a horticulture cluster.

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